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Open letter to the OWP Board

Date: May 1, 2017

From: Willem van Osnabrugge, Unit #701

To: One Water Place Board Members: Rex Lysinger, President; Shay Dassa, Vice President; Jackie Naughton, Secretary/Treasurer; Randy Roberts, Member; Mike Keltz, Member.

cc: Sharyn Owen, Chair Covenants Committee; Gordon Bedwell, Chair Design Committee.

Re: OWP grandiose lobbies and common areas

After having visited all the condo buildings in Destin and Miramar two years ago, we chose OWP as our new domicile for a variety of reason, of which the beauty of our lobbies and common areas, was a very important aspect. The very tasteful combination of modern art and decorations together with the many spectacular pieces of unique and genuine antique furniture make these areas stand out from all the other fairly mundane condo designs in the area. I believe that they would easily fit in any cosmopolitan luxury hotel and/or the great private residences around the world.

I have not been able to attend one or two of the last board meetings, but some concerned co-owners have brought to my attention that there are some plans being discussed to "update" our lobbies and common areas (which will include the removal and disposal of our unique antique pieces), because a handful of people seem to think that those areas are "outdated".

Although I have difficulty understanding how genuine antique pieces of (~100 year old) furniture can suddenly be outdated, I have to admit that everybody is, of course, entitled to their own opinion and that there is no accounting for taste.

However, because it is such a drastic decision to alter and "modernize" these areas, I strongly believe that the decision should be made by polling and referendum, involving all 161 OWP owners.

Additionally, I have also been informed that the Florida Condominium Act requires that material alterations to the condominium property receive approval of 75 percent of the unit owner interests. The applicable statute, F.S. §718.113, in separate subsections provides condominium unit owners an unqualified right to approve or to reject proposed “material alterations" to the common elements, not involving safety issues.

Finally, even if the above Act is not applicable, I am convinced that we have a neighborly duty to involve each and every owner through surveys and referendums, since we all will have to live with the results for many years to come.

Willem van Osnabrugge,

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